We're creating a community of Raindroppers!

Community + Education + Mentorship

Who is Here?

Hello!  I'm Christina and I've thrilled to introduce you to All Things Raindrop! This is the place for Raindroppers who want to further their education and connect with other Raindroppers.

You’ll find Wellness Practitioners who offer Raindrop in their wellness practice. You’ll meet Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and other natural wellness professionals. These members want to consult with other professionals about best practices, business and want to further their Raindrop education.

You may also meet some Oily Moms who want to do some further Raindrop Research to best help their family.  


Until now, there has not been a resource for additional training or collaboration for those who practice the Raindrop technique. Besides posting on social media, where do you go when you have a Raindrop question?

In All Things Raindrop not only will you be able to connect with other Raindrop Practitioners like you, and ask for advice. You’ll be able to use the “search bar” and easily find videos, posts and resources shared this community. You will also find continuing education to further support your Raindrop journey.

Christina is a Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA) licensed provider. You'll find that the "Video Resource Library" and "Practitioner's Corner" are a Private Membership Community. This gives us the ability to chat freely with each other in this educational community. Before joining these memberships, you will need to become Christina's client in the PWA. (No worries, becoming a client is easy and free for you to do!)


After offering and teaching the Raindrop Technique for over 10 years, I've seen the need for continued education, support and mentoring for Raindroppers.  

My goal with All Things Raindrop is to bring the information, people and tools together to support Professionals and Oily Families with their Raindrop goals.

What you’ll find inside.

The Lobby a Free Resource

  • Connect with other Raindroppers
  • Get updates from All Things Raindrop
  • View the Calendar of Events and add your class or event to the Calendar.
  • RRG Supporting Videos: Access the videos that complement the books,  The Practitioner's Raindrop Resource Guide and The Raindrop Resource Guide for Oily Families.

The Practitioners’ Corner  support your practice.

  • Get access to everything in here 24/4!

  • Chat with other Practitioners who are working with Raindrop clients.
  • Participate in all the challenges to help you to implement what you've been learning here in a fun and practical way.
  • Have 24/7 access to resources specific to Practitioners: 
    • "Grow Your Raindrop Practice"
    • "To Touch or Not to Touch - all About Your Client's Feet"
    • "Things You'll See on Your Client's Back - Skin Cancer Concerns"
    • and more!!

Resource Video Library
 100+ videos you have access to 24/7

  • Interviews with Raindroppers who share their “golden nugget” of Raindrop wisdom with you.

  • Instructional videos on techniques used in Raindrop and techniques you can add to Raindrop. 
  • Meet the authors of books that support your Raindrop clients.
  • Learn more about the human body and how our systems are supported with this technique.
  • Get tips on how to use common tools; massage table, sheets, bolsters, etc.
  • Chat with other members of the Resource Video Library to share thoughts and ask them questions (just like Facebook!).

Pain-Free Raindrop on-line program

  • Learn the correct way to stand and move at a massage table so your back doesn’t hurt from giving a Raindrop.

Technique Intentions on-line program

  • When you understand the “why” behind each of the techniques used in Raindrop, you can offer a better session.